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The importance of your digestion

Digestion is the most important thing that keeps us healthy or makes us ill. Everything we put in our mouth, breathe in through the nose or think in our head goes through our digestion- thoughts, emotions, all foods, chemicals in the air etc. It is important to know what you put into your mouth and what you breathe in as this is where the digestion starts.

Two main places where diseases start are in your digestive system and mind.

In Ayurveda there are 4 types of metabolism (agni). Agni’s functions are digestion, absorption, transformation of food into energy and assimilation.

  1. Balanced(sama agni)- this is when you are healthy, all the doshas are in the right balance according to your own constitution. At this point you are able to eat anything without any problems.

  2. Irregular (vishama agni)- this happens with aggravated Vata. Meaning, one point you can have loose stools and another time you may have constipation. This also brings gas, abdominal pains, irregular appetite, colicky pain etc. you might also experience anxiety, low self esteem, dry skin and hair etc.

  3. Sharp/hyper (Tikshna agni)-when pitta is aggravated. You will experience loose stools due to hot and sharp attributes of pitta. This will make you go to toilet more often and for that reason you will want to eat more often and bigger quantities of food. At first you may think this is quite good as in theory it may help you loose weight but in reality it means your body is not able to get all the nutrients out of the food because the metabolism is just too quick. It burns the food instead of properly "cooking" it. This may lead to vitamin and mineral deficiency and cause anger, hate, jealousy, hot flashes etc together with other diseases.

  4. Dull/hypo (manda agni)- kapha aggravation. This kind of people can put on weight even if they drink water only for few days. The digestion is just so slow and weak that it wont be able to digest even normal food properly. I bet either you know someone or maybe it is even yourself who has been suffering with this problem.You eat only 1-2 meals a day and you still put on weight, right!?

Whether you are trying to loose weight or resolve some health issues, your digestion is the first thing that needs to be corrected. Unless your digestion is in balanced state, then you need to correct the mind.

With digestion, depending on which state is it, you need to start with the right diet and spices. Spices work like miracles in our body, this is why they have been used for centuries in food and medicine.

This was the food digestion part in your body, now lets talk a little about the mind situation.

Mind is one strong and stubborn thing isn’t it? In the long run it will cause problems in the digestion as well. Everything needs to be digested, even emotions and since the bad emotions are much harder to digest, they will create trouble in your gut when there is a regular stress or depression.

Have you tried eating a 3 inch piece of meat in every meal daily for a month? How does your tummy feels? Heavy? Acidity? Indigestion? This is exactly how negative emotions work!

Depending on a person but quite often doing something spiritual either meditation/yoga or whatever you feel like is a big help. Also something creative like painting, playing a music instrument or simply listening to music, colouring, writing etc might change the way you see things. Sometimes you feel like you are lost and there is no way out of this black and long tunnel, but after changing a little bit in your life will help you see the light at the end of it.

I have seen and it has been proven by scientist as well that the music we listen and the TV shows we watch are playing a big role in our lives- the mood we are in, the emotions we have and so on. It may be hard to believe at first but you can test it yourself by listening some easy Sanskrit chanting music!

I decided to test it on myself years ago, so for a month I watched only comedies and listened to positive vibes music. The change was incredible. My mood changed after 1 week of listening and watching only positive or neutral things. My mind had decided not to accept or keep in almost any negative information. This gave me energy to start with more creative things and which in return helped me to understand myself more.

Lots of people find themselves stuck in life because of the job they are doing which is not satisfying and not taking them where they would like to go. Maybe it's time to move on and change your lifestyle? If you are not sure which way to change, Ayurveda can help!

Everybody have their own vibration in this world, you need to find yours to be able to see things differently and make the change.

This is where the saying “ Be the change you like to see in the world” goes perfectly. Change your diet, change your mind and change your life!

If you are suffering with your digestion or mind, please get in touch to request an appointment now

Lots of love xx

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