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What is Crystal Therapy





What are Crystals? Where do they come from? How many are there?

Crystals have been around for millions of years. To become what or who they are they have to go through geological processes for thousands and thousands of years.  They are formed of atoms and molecules which are arranged in ordered repeating pattern. They are in a constant growing phase which makes them living organisms.  Calling them “ a thing” feels really inappropriate.

“Crystals can be formed in different ways. Some mineral crystals are formed when pressurized molten carbon quickly cools. That’s how diamonds are formed.

Other crystals form when the liquid from a solution evaporates. That’s how a purple quartz crystal named amethyst is formed. Amethyst starts as a highly concentrated solution of silicon dioxide (SiO2) containing trace amounts of iron. This solution gets trapped inside a bubble of lava. As the water evaporates, the silicon and oxygen ions slowly arrange themselves to form a crystal. The iron is responsible for giving amethyst its purple colour as well as Jasper which is red, heliotrope, tiger’s eye etc.

But crystals can't form in the middle of a liquid. They need a starting point to grow. The crystal can begin to grow once a nucleus has formed. A nucleus is also sometimes called a seed crystal. This process is called nucleation. In the case of amethyst, its crystals form on the inside of lava bubbles. Stones with crystals on the inside form as these lava bubbles cool. This type of structure is known as a geode.”

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There are hundreds of different crystals out there and we use some of it daily as well without our knowledge such as salt and water. The most widely known is clear quartz and rose quartz which some use for protection around their neck or at home. But there are many that most people don’t know about such Pyrite, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Angelite and so on.





















Now let’s talk about Crystal therapy itself.

Crystals have been used for thousands and thousands of years. Mayans, Paladians they used it to store information. Shamans have been using it as talismans and now we are using them to help our self. They have also been used in Ayurveda to correct patient’s energies and Chakras (The 7 main energy centres) to live more harmoniously. Ancient times (and even now) it was believed that wearing or carrying crystals will ease their karma on a deeper level. This comes from the knowledge that we all have our own frequency and a small part of it comes from our past lives. Crystals also vibrate in their own pure frequency and carrying one with you will help to recover some part of your frequency. In any normal situation someone who is dis-ease free and strong willed will be able to heal its own energy but any other time and especially in this fast-paced competitive environment it's not always easy to help yourself when most of your energy is going into worries, stress and anxiety. Quite often we don't even realise or perhaps don't want to admit what brings our stress levels up. An outside party or a crystal therapist in this case would be well positioned to assess and act on it better and bring you back into your balance.

Since crystal is a neutral object it can direct tremendous amounts of energy to where it’s needed. This is why quartz is also used in our technology such as TVs, watches etc.

It is very important to have a knowledgeable, pure hearted therapist who will direct the right energy into where it is blocked, disturbed or imbalanced to heal the whole body.


Crystal therapies are done in many ways, therapist can use various stones laid on your fully clothed body, it can also be done just with quartz or selenite or direct the energy into one or few areas on your body with a selection of different crystals/stones in a symmetrical pattern called crystal grid. Choosing the right crystals is a very important process and needs a lot of knowledge and practise.





What can you heal with crystals and stones?

Simple answer is everything. Depending on the imbalance and dosha (your Ayurveda constitution) sometimes it’s better to start with an appropriate detox (Ama pachana) and strengthening of the system (Agni deepana) before heading straight to crystals. This is simply because until the causative factor of the imbalance hasn’t been removed the dis-ease will come back, the healing will take much longer or the body and mind isn’t able to recognise the good energies and won’t accept the change that the crystals are trying to bring.


Crystals are excellent pain removers simply because pain means the flow/energy or Vata has been blocked for some reason. It is also proven to help with emotional imbalance such as grief, sadness, anger, over thinking, under thinking or mental laziness and even help to let go of the past and live in the present. They are superior companions to achieve deeper state during a meditation. Even during and after the first therapy session you might feel you are able to just sit and not think about anything or even have clearer thoughts if you have been lost before.


Crystal therapy is completely non-invasive form of therapeutic treatment with zero pain. It is extremely calming and many people say they feel some kind of movement where the crystals have been placed. Perhaps it is their first time to really feel their own body, the flowing energies and the tranquil state of mind.


How many therapies is recommended?

This depends entirely on your imbalance, if you have done any Ayurvedic detox treatments before, how long have you been suffering with your issue and how open minded are you to let the crystals do their job. Like with any therapy it is recommended to have at least 3 sessions to see any lasting effect. This doesn’t mean you won’t see any changing after the first session.

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