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Shata Dhauta Ghrita

Or in English- 100 times washed ghee (SDG).

Shata dhauta ghrita is a classical Ayurvedic preparation made with cow's ghee.

This ancient recipe that looks like a whipped cream by the time it's done has so many benefits starting from simple daily moisturiser to age reversal and skin disorder like eczema helper. It has been used treating shingles, herpes, chickenpox, burns, skin damages, rosacea etc. A well made SDG has no colour, smell and is soft to touch. 

Because of the western commercialized cosmetic tradition of adding artificial skin damaging perfume and scent to daily lotions, our SDG cream in comparison to western products may feel that it has some earthy aroma or more natural scent. This does not mean it has expired or hasn't been made well, it simply means we are not accustomed to pure simple natural scent here in the west.

This cream base is cow's milk which has no strong aroma and no artificial perfumes or even natural essential oils are added to it either to keep the purity and simplicity.

There are many varieties sold in the market but many of them are not actually made the same way. The recipe as well as the name suggest the ghee should be washed 100 times. Not 10, not 15 but really truly 100 times or more. This is the only way to archive its true benefits. Products you may find in the market are most likely washed only about 10-20 times and this is why they will not work the same way if at all.

It has been used for centuries and some think it should be even used as a base for all skin and beauty creams. The cream has a power to nourish all 7 layers of the skin tissue.

I make my ghee from organic British butter because you never know what has been added to the store bought ghee. This way I can make sure the end product is as pure as possible.

If you want to learn how to make your own ghee and what are the benefits, then go ahead and check out my post about Ghee here .

Out of the ghee I make this beautiful cream traditional way which is very time consuming but really worth every minute. It usually takes around 2 weeks to prepare.

Although SDG is completely pure and natural, it is not advised to be consumed orally because ghee as pure fat combined with water makes it indigestible for humans.

Some benefits of Shata Dhauta Ghrita:

✓ soothes burns

✓ deep hydration

✓ gives glow to the skin

✓ after sun cream

✓ clears wrinkles

✓ cools the skin

✓ helps with eczema

✓ can be used as a makeup remover

✓ can be used as a base for any skin cream

✓ soothes cracked lips

✓ soothes cold sores

✓ daily moisturiser

✓ wound healer

✓ relieves skin irritation

✓ helps with acne, rosacea, sunburn and any skin inflammation

✓ helps to heal scars

   You can read about Shata dhauta ghrita research finding here

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What People Say

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"The cream is brilliant! I cut my arm quite badly on some foil and it was taking a long time to heal. So, i put your cream on it and magically overnight it closed up and healed so quickly i was shocked! It made my skin so soft"


Dominique (35yr, UK)