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Ayurvedic Consultations

Being in a balanced state means healthy body and mind. Imbalance within you means all kinds of health issues start to appear. Ayurvedic treatment aims to get you back in balance with the right diet, lifestyle, herbs and rejuvenative therapies. 

What to expect on your first consultation?

During your first consultation an Ayurvedic practitioner asks about your complaints, your diet and lifestyle habits, personal life, takes your full health history and current symptoms. There are many ways an Ayurvedic practitioner can detect your imbalance such as tongue analysis, your behaviour, physical appearance,  pulse etc. Consultation is a very personal experience and requiring a patient to open up as much as possible about their life, relationships and any worry they might have.

Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurveda uses only natural medicine which are made by using natural herbs and spices. Every ingredient has its own quality and action. All of the medicines we use in our practise are special Ayurvedic formulations which have been used thousands of years. This might sound a little too ancient and outdated for some but if they didn't work, they would have been discontinued by now. We are all very different individuals and one kind of medicine will never work exactly the same way with everybody. There is a very fine science behind Ayurvedic treatments. Our medicines are sourced by expert and experienced suppliers from Sri Lanka who work together with small farmers growing the best quality ingredients for us without any pesticides and other harmful chemicals. 

Tailored treatment

In Ayurveda every treatment is different. After the diagnose an Ayurvedic practitioner decides which herbs, lifestyle and diet is suitable to start eliminating toxins from the body, building the immunity and rejuvenate the whole system. Some body treatments may also be prescribed to support the healing process. Every treatment length depends on how well the advice has been followed, how long has the disease been there and how open and ready is the patient to get better. 

Do I need a follow up consultation?

Follow up consultations are extremely important. During these consultations a practitioner asks about your progress and decides if any changes need to be made. There are different stages when certain treatments can be applied and we strongly recommend to every patient to come for a follow up to make sure they are on the right track with their treatment.

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