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Middle aged female with agonising joint pain. Has been suffering for many years with lots of pain and immobility. Illness is stopping doing her daily life activities and interrupting her mind. Can’t get up in the morning without suffering and if sitting too long it causes also pain. Patient has a medium build and and generally has been with good health. After correcting her daily diet and exercise regime followed by Ayurvedic home remedies, she is able to walk without pain for few hours comparing to previous constant pain just after 1 month.


Early 20s female suffering with skin issues. Patient has been suffering with skin issues for few years. This issue is affecting her mind negatively and in turn causes more issues with her skin. She is of a medium build more towards thin build. Generally healthy and likes to be even more healthy with daily food and drink. Eliminating certain foods from her diet and chemical cosmetics and replacing this with food according to her imbalance and dosha, applying Ayurvedic cream followed by Ayurvedic formulated medicines resulted in improved skin after 2 weeks. After 3 months skin is clear, mind is happy and good digestion. Treatment needs to continue for several months for lasting result.



Female early 20s suffering with acidity. Patient has acid reflux, burning sensation in stomach and during elimination. She has a thin build and not eating well. Elimination of heat aggravating foods and drinks, small change in lifestyle and exercise and Ayurvedic home remedies resulted in reduction of acidity and burning after 3 weeks. After 1 month all burning sensations were gone. General food and lifestyle changes need to continue not to suffer in the future.

Female disorder

Female in her mid-20s suffering with PSOC. Painful and heavy periods, bleeding between menstrual cycle were the main complaints. Also hair appearing on face and chest. She has been suffering with PCOS for 5 years and has been referred to a laparoscopy. She does not want to have any operation and hoping to find a solution with Ayurveda. She is of a thin build and has unsuitable lifestyle/diet. Eating mostly spicy foods, not sleeping well and has anxiety. Changed her diet and lifestyle according to her dosha and imbalance. Starting with Ayurvedic home remedies after the first consultation and then after 2nd consultation went over Ayurvedic formulated medicines which showed a reduction in pain. Correcting Apana Vata area will regulate the periods and hormones. After 3 months periods have been more regular with almost no spotting in between. Treatment has to continue for longer to have better results.

Woman in Pain
Allergic Reaction




















Mid 50s female patient with medium build. Has been suffering with restlessness and hot flashes for about 4 years. Peri-menopausal at this moment and feeling hot and has a bad circulation. Trying to eat healthy and do lots of exercises plus taking many different food supplements. Suffering with all the menopausal symptoms. Small changes in eating habits and lifestyle including exercise has been made. Few Ayurvedic home remedies and formulated medicines has been given. Next consultation patient seen a little improvement , stronger herbs were prescribed after the second consultation. After 3 months there has been lots of improvement with hot flashes and digestion. Treatment will continue until patient is feeling all well.

Mood and digestion

Female mid 20s complaining about slow digestion and mood issues. She has a larger build and likes food- eating full meals 3 x a day. She has always had slow digestion and not eliminating every day. Mood changes appeared few months ago, she was getting hot, angry and emotional. Also suffering with acidity. Patient does not exercise and is going through a difficult time emotionally. Meal times and diet had to be corrected together with some Ayurvedic herbs to calm down her mind and correcting digestive fire. She was not following everything correctly and hence there was no big changes during the next consultation. After 2 month sticking to all the diet advice and taking herbs showed good results- daily elimination and calmer mind.

Skin rash
Before and after pictures of a rash on face that appeared after an allergic reaction. Picture authorised by client and all right reserved.

Man skin treatment before bumpy skin and after smooth skin
Baby skin treatment with ayurveda before looking like goose pumps all over and after all smooth and face before is all red and after all clear

Melasma treatment
Before and after pictures of melasma treatment with Ayurvedic medicine.

Ayurveda treatment for melasma before big dark patch on cheek and after all clear skin

Baby's ezcema results.

Before and after pictures after 2 weeks. Picture authorised by client and all rights reserved.

Feedback from our customers

Hajar R.

What brought you to Doshic Balance Ayurveda?
Continuous migraines experienced over 5 months with no effective help from conventional treatments
How has Ayurveda helped you with your issue?
Jana has done a comprehensive assessment of my symptoms and history of health issues and has developed a tailored treatment which I followed for many months. I absolutely liked the fact that it was all natural and plants based. Jana has been of wonderful support and her care is genuine. Thank you for everything.
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