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Health Checkup

Treatment list


Pre-Consultation call

15 minute free pre-consultation call. Speak to our practitioner before booking a consultation or a treatment if you are not sure how Ayurveda can help you. 


Initial Ayurveda Consultation

You are currently having or have been experiencing longer ill health episode and need to find a solution to your problems. During your first consultation our practitioner will take your history, current symptoms and any relevant information to understand your disorder and the root cause. You will then be provided with an appropriate diet advice, lifestyle and Ayurvedic herbal medicine to start your treatment. 


Ayurveda Dosha Consultation

If you are a healthy person looking for advice how to keep yourself healthy for longer then this appointment with our practitioner will help you to find out about your Ayurvedic dosha. You will  get appropriate diet, lifestyle and spiritual guidance according to your dosha and how to keep yourself in balance. 



Hrdaya vasti

External vasti treatment is an Ayurvedic procedure where local oil bath is used to treat an imbalance/pain in Back/Knee/ Neck/ Chest. Full consultation prior to your treatment may be required. 


Ayurvedic Abhyanga

Ayurvedic Abhyanga treatment is a full body treatment with medicinal herbal oils. Oils are chosen according to the imbalance and dosha. It is very beneficial for any kind of pain, anxiety, sleep issues, sciatica, weight loss, dry skin and general relaxation. 


Marma Point Therapy

Marmas are vital energy points on the body and if there are any blockages, injuries etc. to the points, our health will suffer. Marma point therapy helps with general circulation, localised pain, opening up chakras, releasing tension, detoxing the body and mind. 


Ayurvedic Head&Face Therapy

According to Ayurveda, head is where we hold most of our tension. Daily stress, anxiety, sleep issues, anger and even depression can be treated with Ayurvedic medicinal herbal oils when used on the head. It's the most relaxing and calming treatment you can have. It is said, a good head massage will make you feel like your whole body has been treated. 


Crystal Chakra Balancing

Non invasive treatment where specially chosen crystals are placed on fully clothed body. This therapy is especially good for anxiety, depression, pains, energy flow and of course balancing your chakras. 

* All Ayurvedic medicines will be charged extra

**If you can't see a suitable day/time available for your treatment when booking, please ask by emailing us.

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