Treatment list

  • FREE introduction call Book this appointment if you are not sure if Ayurveda is for you. I will explain what to expect from me and what I expect from you. BOOK NOW

  • Initial consultation 60 min Your first time Ayurveda consultation where we will talk about your disease/imbalance and give you a proper diet and lifestyle advice and remedies if necessary. Remedies will be added to your final bill. More information about the prices of the remedies and a form to fill out will be sent to your email address before the consultation. BOOK NOW


       Calthorpe Community Centre, WC1X 8LH £40;

       London natural Health Centre, WC1X 8NW £50;

       Skype/Whatsapp worldwide £40


  • Follow-Up consultation 30 min We will talk about your progress and if needed we will do some changes to your diet/lifestyle/remedies

       Calthorpe Community Centre, WC1X 8LH £25;

       London Natural Health Centre, WC1X 8NW £35;

       Skype/Whatsapp worldwide £25

  • Crystal Chakra Therapy 60 min During the therapy I balance the chakras and heal the body with crystals. There are hundreds of different crystals out there and each and every one of them has its own energy. What crystals will I use on you depends on your imbalance and what is that you would like to achieve. I work with my own intuition. It is very relaxing and can be very eyeopening experience. BOOK NOW  £40

         Ayurvedic Massage

  • Ayurvedic Oil Massage 90 min This type of full body massage therapy from head to toe is to balance body and mind. It helps to remove waste materials, rejuvenate and relieve aches and pains caused by the obstruction of the flow of energy. With Ayurvedic massage we use medicated herbal oils depending on your condition, stimulate marma points for a better energy flow and balance chakras. This therapy includes short consultation before the massage for a better result. Please ask for pricing.    

  •  Ayurveda Oil Massage 60 min You will get 60 min body massage which includes back, arms and legs with Ayurvedic medicated herbal oils. It helps to remove waste materials, rejuvenate and relieve aches and pains caused by the obstruction of the flow of energy. This massage is especially beneficial for back related issues, sciatica, shoulder pain, bad circulation in legs/feet and arms/hands etc. Marma stimulation helps with the circulation of energy and carefully chosen oils depending on your condition tackles the pain. Please ask for pricing.

  • Ayurvedic head and face massage 45 min Head and face massage has many benefits such as increases the supply of  oxygen to the brain, relaxes the nervous system, improves circulation, retards hair loss, premature balding and graying, brings glow to the face, improves eyesight and removes old age. It is said if you are receiving a head massage, you really are receiving the whole body massage because the whole nervous system is calmed by this. In Ayurvedic head massage special medicated oils are used for the hair, shoulders and arms and herbal creams for the face. Please ask for prices


How many consultations do you need?:

     This depends on the severity of the condition, how long have you had it and how well are you following the advice. I   recommend having a consultation every 3 weeks so I can see if something needs to be changed in your diet or herbs. It is very important with Ayurveda treatment as every person reacts differently to the herbs and I want to make sure you   are getting the best out of it.


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