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Gluten free Feta cheese-spinach tart

It has been a hot and beautiful month in London. But since the situation in the world has taken a strange turn which in the long run will benefit as all, i have been baking a lot at home. I enjoy cooking and baking because I know what i will be eating in. I can correct any meal according to my (or yours) dosha and season. So here is a nice tart what you can eat anytime during the warm season.

Feta spinach tart
Feta Spinach tart

It was actually inspired by one of my favorite organic restaurant/cafe pastries what they do not make anymore.

This one is very easy to make and takes very little time as well to cook, which is great with the heat! Even faster when you have the pastry ready.

I used the pastry recipe from my almond-pear tart but did not use sugar this time, although you could if you like something a bit more adventurous :P.

Find the pastry recipe here.

I used only half of that pastry what i made!! So the filling is also according to the half pastry. I also used rice flour instead of wheat flour. So i mixed rice and buckwheat together which makes that perfect for people with gluten intolerance (Btw this is also something Ayurveda deals with, talk to me if you are interested ;) )

The filling

Spinach about 250g-300g fresh and washed

Rock salt to taste

Feta cheese (organic or sheep milk) 200g

Black pepper to taste

Olive oil 1-2 tablespoons

Red onion (of what ever you prefer) 1 small one

How to make

Take all the ingredients and put them into a mixer/ food processor and mix them well there so you will end up with a dough looking something like a pesto would look like. Some people like spinach leaves bigger and small like it very small. This all depends on your personal preference.

dice your onion and make it golden brown on a frying pan and then add this to your mixture as well.

As you've probably noticed already i do not like to be very accurate with quantities because we all like different things, especially with food.

Most of the time when i make something by a recipe, i do not follow it 100%. I think this also helps you to wake up your brain and start thinking:) This is what ayurveda teaches, to start taking the responsibility for your own actions!

Let's go on now...

If you also froze your pastry before, then you need this to defrost first.

When this is done, take a rolling pin and roll it into a circle about 3 mm thick.

place it on your tart tray. Leave it in the oven for about 10 min or until golden brown 230 C.

Let it cool and then put all the filling on it what you made earlier.

Place it back into the oven for another 10-15 min or until the filling is bubbling or golden.

Before eating it, i left it to cool for a bit as otherwise the pastry would crumble because it has no gluten or eggs. The rice flour should do a god job holding everything together as well.

Bon appetite! :)

Feta spinach tart slice


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