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Simple trick to wash chemicals off your food

We all wash our veg and fruit before eating them. Well, most of us at least. But is just simple cleaning enough to get the chemicals/pesticides off of them? Probably not.

As you know, most of the vegetables and fruit are grown using pesticides and other chemicals to keep the pests away and make them look attractive. People are buying more perfect looking veg and fruit rather than the “how nature intended” looking ones.

Not so healthy for us though.

The big question has always been “What should I eat then which has less chemicals?”. Well, the most important thing is to eat what the current season gives you. Meaning, if it’s cold and snowy outside, don’t go and eat a pineapple or a raw tomato and cucumber. These are for the summer.

Great way to understand this is, if you want to grow a tomato with a cold and rainy weather, you need some booster. Tomato likes warm and sunny weather.

There are a lot of different articles about what pesticides do to our body (cancers etc.), so I don’t really have to talk that over again.

The problem is that just simple washing is not enough to wash all that off. The trick here is to add a little baking soda to the water and let them stay in there for about 20 min.

Baking soda can dilute and scrape off the chemicals which are sitting on your food. You can actually see this happening. This is not mud nor was my bowl dirty.

If you take about 3 L of water then add about 1,5-2 teaspoon of baking soda to it.

After soaking them in there, just rinse it with a clean water and they are ready to eat and definitely with less chemical residue.

PS: Do not use this technique on citrus fruit!

Let's stay clean and healthy :) !


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