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Spiced Rose Latte Recipe

We all (or at least half of us) know that coffee is not the very healthy option. In the West coffee was used as a laxative for people suffering with constipation. But this all has changed and now it is a drink used daily to kick start the day.

I do not usually drink coffee, i like to drink a coffee alternative- chicory coffee or barley coffee. This does not have any caffeine, but taste is still bitter like coffee. Sometimes you just need this kind of taste on your tongue as well, but without having all the side effects.

To be very honest, drinking coffee once in a blue moon is not bad either. Kapha type of people benefit more drinking coffee than pitta and vata types.

The problem comes when you drink coffee every day and especially the first thing in the morning. Whatever you put in your mouth after waking up, will make "You". This is what starts to circulate around your body. Are you sure you want to be bitter and dry ;) ?

The key here is to make coffee a bit more friendly to the body and mind. If you drink coffee black, it goes straight to the head but if you add a little Kapha qualities in like milk or cream, which is nourishing, it will change for the better(but it still does not mean you should be drinking it every day).

So here is how I like to make it:

I sometimes mix decaf coffee with chicory coffee but you can do it with decaf only, a normal coffee or a coffee alternative as well.

  • 1 cup of hot (your choice)coffee

Kapha-regular coffee

Vata and Pitta-barley or chicory

  • Milk of your choice


Pitta-skimmed cow/soya/rice/nut

Kapha-nut/rice or no milk

  • 2 pinches of cinnamon powder

  • A pinch of cardamom powder

  • Pinch of ginger powder (kapha only)

  • coconut sugar (or brown sugar) to taste

  • 1 tsp Rose water

I usually fluff up the milk to make it look nicer.

Cardamom reduces the acidity in coffee and together with cinnamon they help to strenghten the digestion.

If you make this drink with a coffee alternative which does not have any caffeine then with an addition of little nutmeg it would be a perfect drink before bed to have a good night sleep.



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