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Mung bean patties recipe

Mung beans are know to be high in iron and protein which means they are very nutritious and good food in general, especially for vegetarians and vegans. I do not eat red meat myself and i have been trying to find and come up with some new vegetarian recipes.

I'm originally from an European country where we mostly eat red meat and potatoes. With time i gradually changed my diet and i found lots of good changes were happening when i left red meat out of my menu.

With Ayurveda i also learnt that mung beans are a great way to bring moisture back into your body. It is especially good for Vata people as they tend to be dry.

Since it is autumn outside, which is Vata aggravating with winds blowing here and there, mung beans sound just right on spot!

What you need:

1/2 cup of dried green mung beans(soak them overnight in a cold water and drain)

Spices like cinnamon, coriander seeds, black pepper, fresh ginger, cumin

Rock salt

Olive oil 2 tablespoons

Ghee for frying (or coconut oil for vegans)

Chickpea flour 2-3 tablespoons

1/2 medium onion

1 small leek

Fresh basil

Put soaked mung beans in a pot with 2 cup of water and some salt, let them boil for about 30 min.

While the beans are boiling, chop roughly the onion and put it into a food processor.

Add all the remaining ingredients (except ghee) to it and let it work until it becomes like a dough.

Set it aside in a bowl.

Take the boiled mung beans and add it to the dough, mix well.

Make patties with this mixture, as big or small you prefer.

You can choose now if you like your patties to be fried on a pan or in the oven. I needed them to be cooked quicker so i chose to fry them in ghee, usually i cook them in the oven though.

So if you went with the frying option then put a 1/2 tbsp of ghee on a frying pan and add the raw patties, cook them on one side until they are golden brown and then do the same with the other side. You can always add some ghee to the pan when it feels a bit dry.

I also wanted to add a bit of zing to my food so i squeezed a tiny bit of lime on the patties after i cooked them.

I decided to use ghee here firstly because ghee has so many benefits including the easiest digestible fat (your patties will absorb some of the fat in them), it has a high burning point, numerous health benefits etc. If you decide to go for another option, maybe vegan, its ok as well.

I truly love these patties, especially the crunch i get when biting.

Good luck and bon appetite!


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