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There was a time in my life when I did not care what I was eating. I never read any labels nor would i understand what they meant anyway! That time was a loooong time ago, when I was still young and ignorant.

I was too young to know about additives and chemicals in the food and where they are coming from, we had mostly whole and fresh food anyway. French fries was a luxury!

There was obviously no label to read on a potato sack bought from a farmer!I can tell you that most of my childhood I ate food what was local and not from the supermarket. Meat, milk and potatoes came from relatives and the rest we grew by ourselves (at least we tried to).

Then the time came when I saw my first banana! Wow, what a memory! At that time I was not even sure how to eat something like that, (Peel it first? Eat the peel? Eat everything?) but quite quickly I was a big fan of it.

Then time went on and the first junk food place was opened. French fries, burgers and whatever fried foods we had not seen before was all there. We did eat these foods actually before as well but it was made at home and in more healthy way i guess. I remember making a "burger" out of a fresh cucumber and tomato(only) without anything else! Nowadays we may call this a vegan burger😁

Now we are here. We are living in a world where foods are full of chemicals, additives and some even made-up. Even buying just vegetables you most likely consume pesticides with it. Most vegetables are sprayed with fertilizers, most meat has been injected with hormones and even teas are mixed with something which is not supposed to be there. That is because the demand is just too high and nature can't cope with it.

They say there is not enough land to grow food and the world is just over-populated. Well, you know what, I refuse to believe all of that is true!

What is true, is that we just demand too much because our minds are not at rest which makes us try new things. Moose meat, horse meat, ostrich meat and all sorts of exotic fish as well as their eggs. Is that really necessary? There are things a human was not supposed to eat. Feel free to try but don't make it a habit.

Ofcourse,certain plants are able to grow only in their natural habitat, that's why we all have a bit different diets.

It is also very important that whatever the food, it has to look “perfect”. But what most people don’t understand is that the not-so-straight-and-pointy carrot is actually naturally perfect, but it’s not perfect for the HUMAN eyes. Everything wonky is perfect in nature! This is why we also have people with different shapes and looks! That is leading the suppliers to spray the foods and modify them and whatever is not coming out “perfectly” will be thrown away (who said there is not enough food for everybody again?)!! How can we say there is not enough food then???

The problem is that people over-consume!

One day avocado is the life savior and people will have 3+ avocados a day and another day coconut will make you look younger. This is just media and companies that supply these foods. They are thinking about their own wallet ;).

I will now come to Ayurveda with this.

All unnatural additives, chemicals and preservatives are aggravating Pitta(fire). They cause too much heat in your mind and body and this causes pitta related dis-eases- cancer, inflammatory diseases, high fevers, anger, jealousy etc. There has been mlongany court processes for a company called Monsanto for their glyphosate which has been causing cancer in people. Sustainable pulse is recording all of those for us to read and see.

Maybe you have experienced it yourself even? After a spicy Asian meal, where they add lots of spices, sulphates and other additives, you maybe feeling aggravated, angry? I'm talking about the meals you can buy from take-away shops or supermarket ready-made meals, because they add lots of things in there so it can last longer. Because of all this, media has come up with a popular word " Superfoods".

I find that all natural food is a "superfood", if you like to call it like that. They all have their own purpose in your body and in life, but any one of them can become dangerous for you if over-consumed. Most important thing to remember is that

everything in moderation is the key to a great health!

When people stop demanding too much, supplies have no choice but to grow less. Which in turn means less chemicals and less diseases. Calm your mind and your body will follow!


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