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How to make coconut milk at home

As you might already know, i am a big fan of coconut. I think if you were lost in the middle of nowhere with coconut palm trees, you will survive! Coconut can provide us with so many things- water, milk, food, sugar, building material etc.

The taste of coconut milk is fantastic which always confused me when my patients told me they hate it. It doesn't have a taste and feels like eating tablespoons of plain fat, was the usual answer.

For a long time i didn't understand why are they saying it until i remembered i used to be like that as well when i was using canned coconut milk! It has absolutely no taste and it really does taste like a spoonful of rancid fat.

The problem in most parts of Europe is that they are not familiar with lots of foods that they can't find locally. That's not a surprise and can't be blamed on them either!

When i asked my patients to start making their own coconut milk, they got scared because they have never done it before and all sorts of other reasons.

So here you go, I have made this process very easy to understand because it really is that simple once you know which part to use :)

All depending how much milk you wish to make, but remember you should use it the same day or at least the very next day.

1/2 coconut will be enough to make a curry for 2!

So take 1/2 coconut and break them into smaller pieces.

  • put all the pieces in a blender and add water which will cover all the coconut

  • mix it around 10-15 min. If it looks like it is too dry (it should look like a cocktail consistency) then just add some more water.

  • after 10-15 min turn the blender off and pour all onto a cheesecloth or similar to that which is covering a pot. Make sure the cloth is about 7x bigger than you actually need, this will help to keep the milk clean and inside a container

  • squeeze as hard as you can to get all the milk out

  • and here you are- all done! :)

You can use this in your food the same day or keep it in the fridge in an airtight jar for up to 1 week.


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