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Heatwave- how to stay cool

Well, here we go! Heatwave is here!

No need to panic. One week you have 15 C and the other 30 C. It’s called British summer.

Here are some tips from me how to stay cool in this hotness.

  1. Don’t get frustrated, you will aggravate your pitta( or heat) in you which will make you even hotter

  2. Eat foods that are cooling rather than heating. For example coconut, coriander seeds are very cooling and can be consumed all the time. On the other hand tomato, Chilly, alcohol, red meat and fish, all seafood, tropical fruits, fresh coriander leaves, mustard, lemon, tropical fruit and raw garlic are very much heating, which will cause you to become more hot from inside. Ice-creams are not good during heat either, they put your digestive fire off and can cause lots of trouble.

  3. Drink more liquids than normal if you sweat a lot (like most Pitta types do) and I encourage you to drink coconut water as well as it will keep you cool and hydrate the same time. Do not drink ice cold water nor sparkling drinks straight after being on the sun, right before or right after a meal. According to Ayurveda this can cause lots of health issues (including skin problems)

  4. Coriander water works wonders for the heat: Take 2-3 tsp of coriander seeds, crush them a bit and soak them in a glass of water overnight (about 8-12 h), in the morning, drain the seeds and drink the water. You can do this every day!

  5. Do not exercise! Yes, you heard me right. Exercising will make you more hot and aggravate Pitta again.

  6. Try to stay inside where it is cool and away from the direct sunlight. It is OK to stay on the sun early morning when the sun is not that hot yet to get that vitamin D boost, but only for max 15 min. It is not OK to take sun from 11 am to 4 pm. This is the time when the sun is the hottest and most dangerous. It will suck your energy out and all you are left with is redness, dryness and heat (and most probably pain).

  7. Leave all the stressful jobs to the colder day. Keep your mind calm and cool

  8. You can also use a rose water spray on your skin. Rose water has cooling qualities and makes you feel refreshed, youthful and beautiful! Just take a spray bottle with water, add some rose water in it and use!

  9. Wear clothing which is made from natural fabric like linen or cotton and which is loose.

  10. For women, if you can, avoid wearing underwear to stay away from further heat problems down there ;). Lots of fertility issues are caused by too much heat in vagina and bacteria can start to grow there easily with heat and moisture

  11. Stay away from strong caffeine like coffee and green tea and also alcohol. They are pitta aggravating!

Stay cool! xx

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